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Welcome to the World Wide Web!

You're going to want to join our Usenet newsgroup, alt.games.arc-symphony. It's great! There's a personality quiz, heck, we even got an IRC server set up!

Say, how did you say you got here again? I swear I've seen your handle before...

"Surf" for "new destinations"...

  • Become a moderator or be banned.
  • Pilfer the files of strangers for insightful fanfic.
  • Take on a new identity with one of their old ones: one of forty-two different user handles are available for use.
  • Discover Arc Symphony for yourself. I heard there's a sequel coming out?

Who moderates the community?

  • All inquiries should be brought to the attention of our admin team. Sophia Park and Penelope Evans will be happy to assist you!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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